Bringing musical instrument and toys as personal effects when moving to TH

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I am planning to relocate with my family from Germany to Thailand (Ko Samui) in the near future. All of us are German citizens.

We are planning to bring quite a few personal effects with us. For this, we want to ship a container.

Among our personal effects is a small grand piano, about 70 years old. It has been in our family for over 40 years. I read online that musical instruments are NOT personal effects and are subject to duty. How high is the duty? How is the value of the piano determined?

Also, our daughter is 7 years old and we want to bring some of her games and toys with us. I also read that toys are subject to duty as well. Is this true even if they are used, and are part of our personal effects?

Thank you!

asked May 14 in Transportation
by leola74 (120 points)

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