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Joint will after both have passed away

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Dear Sir/Madam

I have a joint Will with my friend. ( not married)
We have joint propery in Thaind.
We have made a joint Will so if one of us passes away the assets go all to the survivor.

We stipulated in the Will other friends who will be the heirs after we have both passed away.

The question is , after one of us has passed away will the Will we made together still be valid ?
For example If the survivor passes away 2 years after the first one died , and he did not draw up a new Will does the first joint Will we made have any value?
We would like it to stay the same after we both have passed away.

The thing is that I am afraid that if I pass away first, my friend with whom I have the joint Will might not be capable of making a new Will.
Leaving our other friends without anything?

I hope I have been able to make my point clear
I thank you very much for your answer Peter

asked May 11 in Legal
by peter (120 points)

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