Available coverage for Thai citizen (from the U.S.) who is suffering from Alzheimer symptoms - cannot live alone?

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My brother applied for and was granted Thai citizenship over 8 years ago (after many years of living and working there). About 4 years ago, a "friend" of his from Thailand brought him to the U.S. and dropped him off at my sister's house. My brother was/is suffering from memory loss and cannot live alone. (He's now 64 years old). He is single and we're unsure of what may have happened to him while in Thailand. He is now living in a facility in the U.S. but they are not equipped to address his specific needs. It's a nursing home with people much older then him and with various ailments. Everything he gained while in Thailand (a luxury condo, a partnership in a restaurant) has been "lost" and he has no savings that we know of. Can you tell me if he might get better treatment in the country that he loved (Thailand)? Perhaps residency at a center that specializes in memory loss? He's totally sharp besides that and a pleasure to be around. However, his current situation (in the U.S.) is highly stressful and not suited for his needs. Any information would be very helpful. Thank you!

asked Apr 22 in Health
by memcgon (120 points)

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