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About shipping to Thailand

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I have two questions about the article Shipping to Thailand

Question 1) The author writes: "You’ll also find stories of customs holding packages for ransom as a means to collect more duty. I experienced this when receiving some banking info through the mail." I find this surprising as I assume banking info refers to paperwork, not marketable goods. How much info was involved, and what was the scale of the fees imposed? I am thinking of shipping a box of personal documents to Thailand, so I find this highly concerning.

Question 2) Toward the end of the article the author comments: "If you use a private shipper like John and his family did, you can pay the tax ahead of time. And the shipper guarantees you won’t have to pay tax when your package arrives in Thailand."

I'm not sure what "tax" is referred to. Does this mean all taxes and duties, or only one particular tax? If it means all taxes and duties it contradicts a lot of what comes before about the ability of Thai Customs to set arbitrarily high duties and taxes and to hold items for indefinite lengths of time. Does using a private shipper remove one from the grip Thai Customs?

asked Apr 19 in Moving
by Edgebo (120 points)

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