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International transfer - Buying a Condo

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First of all, thank you guys for the amazing website. I’m on the process of buying a Condo from a famous builder and I have paid now the deposit and signed the contract.

I’m on the stage that worries me the most. I’m not sure about how to do the transfer in the right way.

My main question is, do you need to transfer the money directly from your internacional account to the promoter/builder account? Or do I need to transfer it to my Thai savings account, and then pay them from there? Not sure if it’s imporyant to move the money first to an account under my name in Thailand let’s if that is not important and it can be transferred directly to them.

Second question, how fills the FET form? Is it the bank after the transfer/s are completed?

Thank you very much

asked Apr 2 in Housing
by Sebastianm (120 points)

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