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Is this a typo?

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There are various cost of living surveys out there showing people
surviving here on 30–40k a month but this isn’t realistic for most new
arrivals who need to pay for things to set up home here.

30-40k what?

asked Mar 22 in General
by Ed Rhone (160 points)

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1 Answer

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Hi Ed,

Different strokes for different folks.

I know people who live off a lot less. I know people who need a lot more.

I'd say there are some initial set up costs, like furniture, car, and stuff like that, if you plan on retiring here and need that to get started.

It really depends on how many people (family, couple, single?) and lifestyle.

But 30 to 40 thousand baht per month is doable.



answered Mar 28
by John (1,620 points)
selected May 15 by Ed Rhone
Ahh! In baht. The article it only said 30 to 40k. I was hoping not in dollars hahaha.Thanks for clarifying!
More affordable than here in Hawaii.