Married in Thailand, can I leave money given to me after parent's death in my homecountry to my sibbling when I die?

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Dear reader,

I am emailing this question following the latest article by Heather Scott about how to write a last will in Thailand.

My question specifically arose after reading the section about overseas assets. The article stated that "The Thai Probate Court only handles Thailand assets. If you have any overseas assets, you’ll have to list them in a separate Will."

My partner (Thai male) and I (European female) are planning to get married in Thailand. We both have are of similar ages and are on similar incomes. Upon my death I naturally would want the assets generated during our marriage to go to my husband. However, back in my homecountry I have some money that my mum left me after her death. The only family left at this time is one much younger brother and an aging father. As my brother is gay, he will not have his own family, meaning when I die, he'll be on his own. For that reason I would want the money our parents left us to go to him when I die.

Am I correct in thinking that if I marry under Thai law, I would be able to leave the money in my homecountry to my brother if I state so in a will in said country?

Thanks so much for your help!

asked Mar 21 in Legal
by Era (120 points)

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Hi Era,

Yes, you're right. You'll need to speak to a lawyer/write a separate will in your home country for that.



answered Mar 28
by John (1,620 points)