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Odds to find a Procurement Job in Thailand for a Foreigner

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Hello guys,
First of all congrats for your guide on how to find a job in Thailand.

I would kindly ask you if there are any chances for foreigners to find a job in Procurement, according to your experience.

I have worked long time ago in Bkk for three years and i can speak few words of thai.


asked Mar 17 in Working
by Marco Lamanna (120 points)

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1 Answer

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The Thai skills probably won't matter much in your job search. That usually becomes relevant once you get to a level where you can have business meetings in Thai. Below that level it's mostly about cultural sensitivity (e.g. are you offending / upsetting the local staff or not).

In general the question would be what value you would add as a foreigner over a local in that position? If it's local procurement, my assumption would be that a Thai person may be in a better position to handle that. You may however leverage your industry contacts and knowledge into a related position.

answered Mar 18
by karsten.aichholz (1,660 points)