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Thai Driving License for Thai national

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I'm a dual citizen of France and Thailand. I've never had a driving licence before. I hold a Thai birth certificate and a Thai passport - no Thai ID card and no taabien baan registration.

I entered Thailand with my Thai passport, so no visa to produce.

Do you know whether a Thai passport only is enough to obtain a driving license here? I couldn't find any information in English online for my situation.

Thanks a lot for your help and advice!

asked Mar 7 in Transportation
by Weeliam (120 points)

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1 Answer

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Hi Weeliam,

My wife was in similar shoes when we moved here. She had to get her Thai ID card from the local municipal office first. I'd suggest getting that done. I also believe you need your name in someone's blue book (house book). So I'd handle those to things first.

answered Mar 13
by John (1,620 points)