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Is it possible to live in Samui (long term) without a car or

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Hi, we are planning to live in Samui for 6 or 7 months each year (on a retirement visa). Given that we will likely change rentals each year I really don't want to buy a car or scooter. My question is, if we are living outside the main tourist areas, is it possible to get by without a car or scooter? If not, what are the better options for securing a vehicle (car or scooter) for six or seven months at at time? The car rental cost seems rather expensive. Thank you.

asked Mar 3 in Transportation
by Dave (130 points)

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1 Answer

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I’d assume you can pick up a second hand scooter for cheap that’ll make it easy to get around. Usually any major tourist area in Thailand is a hassle long term if you don’t have your own transportation.

answered Mar 3
by karsten.aichholz (1,660 points)