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What about a stable career ?

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I will be studying in a very famous french business school (one of the best in the world) and I know that my future master degree will allow me (if I stay in France or go to any developped country) to have a very good career (good female advancement, job security, very good wages like at least 35k$ a year) but the thing is, I would like to move to Thailand and I have been wondering :

  • even with high qualifications, is it still difficult to find a good job (like manager, consultant...), well paid and stable ?
  • what about gender equality in the workplace ? Do women have the same opportunities as their male co-workers ?
  • if I ever have a family, can I get back my job after a break and go on with ma career ?

I would love to live in Thailand but my situation as a woman expat in Thailand kind of bothers me, so it would be so nice of you to help me out !

Thanks a lot

asked Feb 25 in Working
by hilarys6 (140 points)

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1 Answer

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Hi Hilary,

You pose some interesting questions.

I used to teach English at corporations around Bangkok. Although my experience with your issues is limited, I did notice a few things:

  • Women occupied top managerial positions just like men
  • Women returned to work after having children

Although people will say Thailand is a patriarchal society, I believe things are changing.

There's a Thai joke that back in the day the family was considered "the elephant," and the man was the front legs leading the family and the woman was the rear legs following behind. But nowadays Thais say that the women is no longer the rear legs--she's riding the elephant. So there has been some shift of power.

Hopefully someone can chime in with better advice for you :)

answered Feb 27
by John (1,620 points)