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Is it better to join a local or international insurance pool?

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Is it better to join a local or international pool? Furthermore, what if your country of birth legally requires that you obtain national health insurance, while this is very expensive and quite useless in a country abroad. I think my salary would take too large a hit if I had to buy 2 insurance policies who both demand unreasonably high fees.

asked Feb 24 in Health
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)

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1 Answer

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If your country legally requires you to obtain national health insurance then maybe its best that if you are here you join the local pool of health insurance companies as they would be cheaper too. You seem very young as well, there are a lot of options for you that range from low - high end health insurance.

We can only do so much in the end the policy depends on what the clients needs. Insurance in Thailand is quite confusing as each company will offer different benefits, its best to do some research and Thailand Starter Kit does offer almost all the information needed when it comes to insurance. You can check with a broker/consultant that will send you all the different plans and you can review them to find what you're looking for.

answered Feb 24
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)