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Apartment insurance in Bangkok?

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I have rented a furnished condo in Bangkok. Do I have to have any insurance for the condo and/or the furniture? Or is it recommended to have one? At least in my home country (Austria) it was normal to have a so-called "household contents insurance“. Thank you!

asked Feb 24 in Housing
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)

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1 Answer

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It's up to you, but its always best to be prepared. Although, some owners already have insurance for the condos they rent out so its best to speak to your landlord as well.

I would recommend an insurance company that suits your needs. Each insurance company offers different benefits, others focus more on public liability or contents. You can check out websites that compare different home insurance plans to see the difference of these policies.

answered Feb 24
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)