Unsure how to use a wallet with Thailands https://bx.in.th/

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Thanks for your article about Bitcoin Thailand, which led me here.

I have an account with bx.in.th and have invested a small amount to test the waters in three currencies.

By the way and as an aside, I found the registration reasonably straight forward and had no major problems getting an account or making deposits or buying a little bit to watch and see what happens and how it all works.

I did ask the help guys and was told that I can use the Electrum Wallet to move purchases off the system, but I am really left not understanding how to make this happen. The help folks also mentioned that my portfolio is safe with them, and while I can see they have gone to some amazing lengths to distance the wallet servers from live sites, it is something that still worries me considering the recent hacks and thefts in Korea and else where.

Yes I do understand that I have to set up the Electrum Wallet on my Win 7 X64 OS, and have done that.

But how do I make the transfer happen?
The FAQ and Video clips are all in Thai, and despite living here for many years, I do not speak or read enough Thai to understand the advice.

Do I simply start the ELectrum Wallet and give it the addresses listed by Bx.in.th? Surely it isnt as simple as that.

Sorry for coming to you but as a 71 year old, whilst I am computer literate, there are some newer techie things that I do find need more than a little thought.

I hope you can answer my question


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