How to make friends?

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It may sound a bit pathetic but I've recently moved to Bangkok with my girlfriend leaving a large, long-standing friend group behind. It's probably been a decade since I last had to make any close friends and I'm at a bit of a loss.

asked Feb 10 in Lifestyle
by Liam Simpson (130 points)

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Completely relatable actually - it’s a pretty common issue. I’d say checkout for interest groups, Internations has a Bangkok chapter with regular meet ups, the chamber of commerce events are actually a great place to get to know people as well.

There are a lot of sports clubs, Toastmasters, Facebook groups and other organizations that are used to people dropping in or joining temporarily - it’s the nature of the city.

I’d say look at activities (as in Google ‘bangkok + interest/activity’) you enjoy, always wanted to try, are curious about ... odds are there is a regular, related, inperson Meetup happening in some form.

answered Feb 14
by karsten.aichholz (1,660 points)