I mistakenly have a single-entry visa

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I am leaving for Thailand Monday. I am stopping in Bangkok on the front-end to drop off some luggage and then leaving to travel around Asia for 2 weeks. I’ll then return on feb 25th for a 7 week unpaid elective rotation in a hospital in Bangkok (I’m a medicine resident).

I was issued a single-entry ED visa. Will this be an issue given I’m arriving to drop off luggage and then returning 2 weeks later? I’m hoping I can show proof that I’m leaving Bangkok right away and won’t need to get a visa upon arrival. Is this true?


asked Feb 8 in Visas
by Madi Smith (140 points)

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My assumption is that you’ll need to get a visa on arrival (assuming you qualify) unless you are from a visa waiver country.

Thailand has a transit visa, though I’m not sure if this case would even qualify and my assumption is that it’ll cost the same or more as a visa on arrival.

answered Feb 8
by karsten.aichholz (1,660 points)