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Can I get a work permit with an education visa?

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Is it legal to obtain a WP whilst on an ED visa?

Is it possible to convert an ED visa into a Non-Imm B visa within Thailand?

How long may the holder of an ED visa legally remain in Thailand once their course has commenced?

asked Jan 24 in Legal
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)

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1 Answer

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No, it is not legal. In order to obtain Work Permit, you shall obtain Non-B Visa OR Non-O (Spouse), Non-M (Media) only. Non-ED Visa is only for education and cannot use this type of visa to obtain Work Permit.

It’s possible to change the type of Visa in Thailand. However, the remaining period of time shall be approximately 15-20 days before the expiration. Also, the required documents will be asked more which depends on the discretionary of the officer.

Normally, Non-ED Visa can be initially valid for 90 days at the first time of apply outside Thailand then it can extend to 1 year in Thailand and also can be renewed which will depends on the Course of the School.

However, please note that nowadays, if you apply for the Thai Language School, then there will be the examination during the year (6 Months) to estimate your skill and if you fail to pass it then it will effect to your Visa that they will not further extend the Visa. This rule comes when there are lots of foreigner who comes into Thailand under Non-ED just only to apply in Thai Language School without attending the class and live/work illegally in Thailand.

answered Jan 24
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)