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Which visa should I get to stay in Thailand long-term?

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​I am married to a Thai female and we currently live in the US. If we were to live in Thailand for a while, is it better to get a retirement visa, or a marriage visa?

asked Jan 24 in Legal
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)

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1 Answer

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If you are over 50 years old then it is also possible to obtain the Non-Retirement Visa.
When you are legally married to a Thai woman then it is possible to get the Non-O(Spouse) Visa.

However, there is a financial requirement which is deposit of THB 400,000 in a Thai Bank Account in Thailand before apply for a Visa at least 2 months with a certificate letter from the Bank OR combination of bank account OR having monthly income for at least THB 40,000 with a certificate letter from the US embassy to verify the income. Same with the Non-Retirement, there is a financial requirement.

The applicant shall submit one of the following financial requirements;

Deposit money in Thai Bank account for THB 800,000 2 months before
submitting the application.

Obtaining the monthly income/pension for at least THB 65,000. In this case, the certificate letter from the foreign embassy/consulate is required.

Thai bank accounts combining in Thailand with a yearly income total of THB 800,000.

answered Jan 24
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)