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K1 Visa for Thai Girlfreind Visting America

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Our first question came from a Thailand Starter Kit Community group member​ who has been finding it difficult to get his Thai girlfriend a visa so that he could introduce her to his family in the USA. He wanted to know, after all his troubles, if getting a K1 visa would help.

asked Jan 24 in Legal
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)

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1 Answer

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Thank you for your question, however, unfortunately I am focusing on the Thai law and Thai regulation related to the Thai Embassy, I am not familiar with the regulation of USA Consular as it will depend on the discretionary of the Officer at the US Embassy in Thailand at a time of interviewing.

However, as far as I concerned, I understand that you have not married to your Thai Girlfriend, it is difficult for Thai woman who has not married to US national and requires to go to USA only for travel. I understand that according to the US regulation, they need to make sure that she has legal relationship with the US national OR has a business/education reason to go there.

Moreover, if you keep applied for the Visa continually without the gap time for approximately 6-12 months then they will consider as it is suspicious that why Thai woman really wants to go to US. I understand that the real reason is only to bring her to meet your family. However, it may be better if you take a gap period before applying the Visa next time.

answered Jan 24
by Ask Me Anything (1,620 points)