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Entrepreneur hangout places

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I want to move to BANGKOK to try out some start up and would like to know how to get involved in the startup community in Bangkok? I will be living near ThongLor/Onut area.


asked Jan 9 in Business
by Eric Ng (180 points)
recategorized Jan 9 by Tyler

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1 Answer

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I'd say check out The Hive in Sukhumvit 49. It's a popular co-working spot with lots of startup and entrepreneur folk hanging around. Another option in the area would be Hubba, which is on Ekkamai road. There is also a meetup group called Bangkok Entrepreneurs which brings about 200 people together, though it tends to be a bit broader than just startups and tech (though that's definitely a big part of it).

answered Jan 9
by karsten.aichholz (1,660 points)