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Where to get a good all round checkup?

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So this is my first time posting here for medical advice. I've been seeing a specialist at BNK for three months for SLE(lupus) as well as RA. I never escape that hospital without paying $250-300+ for a check in and light blood work which with the illness and meds I take its necessary.

Recently I have experienced dizziness and actually blacked out twice in a week. I went in and to my dismay my specialist really couldn't offer a reason. She asked a lot of questions took blood work and said nothing in the results can explain the issue. She said maybe go see a cardiologist? Before that she sent me to an ENT.

Look I'm all for finding out the issue cause I can't function this way but Im not looking to spend $300 for shits and giggles each random specialist. Can someone recommend a place to get a good all round checkup, even one that checks the heart too but not super expensive? Sorry if this was extra long... Thanks in advance.

asked Dec 17, 2017 in Health
by website-user (7,010 points)

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2 Answers

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I'd say hit up Chulalongkorn Hospital or Sirirat Hospital - the top tier specialists tend to have connections with these government hospitals. Equipment-wise not as well equipped as the top tier private ones, but in terms of consultation probably worth a shot (especially in terms of value for money).

answered Dec 17, 2017
by website-answer (38,870 points)
selected Dec 17, 2017 by website-user
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This is a good lab. My wife was diagnosed with SLE '97. here is the website, but try to find out what test you would like to get, beforehand. https://www.brianet.com/en/

answered Dec 17, 2017
by website-answer (38,870 points)
This is another Lab, a bit cheaper, with lots of promotions... no english on the website dough... http://www.bangkoklab.com/