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Extension of a tourist visa?

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Hi, I will be visiting a friend in Bangkok for 3 months next year. Seing that I can only apply for a 2 month visa, and then extend it for the 3rd month while I am there, can I buy my return flight tickets from South Africa and back to span the whole 3 months? Or would this ticket offend the Thai authorities when I apply for my 2 month visa, assuming I will be granted the extra month? I would really like some assistance, please, if anyone can help?

asked Dec 16, 2017 in Visas
by website-user (7,010 points)

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1 Answer

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You will be fine. If asked at immigration just say you are travelling out of Thailand in the third month and they won't give you a hassle. You can extend your visa usually no problem for the extra 30 days once in Thailand. Enjoy

answered Dec 16, 2017
by website-answer (38,870 points)
selected Dec 16, 2017 by website-user