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Insurance issue for a short visit

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So I checked with several companies for a short visit, with one month coverage. All of the companies I looked at are pre=pay and then submit for reimbursement, which would be the same as my Blue Cross, Except in the instance where you are admitted and then contact the insurance company they will do a guaranteed payment. Is there nothing like presenting your insurance card if you get sick or injured and do not require admittance?

asked Dec 14, 2017 in Health
by website-user (7,010 points)

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1 Answer

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Not for short term visits as far as I know. There would probably be way too many issues with fraud to make it worthwhile dealing with from an insurance point of view.

answered Dec 14, 2017
by website-answer (38,870 points)
selected Dec 14, 2017 by website-user