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Looking for an insurance for a 50 year old with health coverage

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I’ve had top hospital coverage with Blue Cross/BUPA since moving to Thailand 17years ago (although not OPD which, as you said, is not worth it!). I’ve had three stints in the very comfortable BNH Hospital during that time which insurance saw were nearly fully covered and have always enjoyed the peace-of-mind that insurance provides.

However, recently I had a seizure (which unfortunately I told BUPA I had one of 30 years ago!). One night in ICU cost me 90,000-baht and BUPA refused to pay one baht of it! I am trying, with little success, to find health insurance which will cover a preexisting condition. BUPA won’t allow me to pay an additional premium on top of the already sizeable amount I’m paying to cover a preexisting condition. I’m stressed as I feel uninsured. Stress leads to seizures, they say. So that’s more stress. The broker I saw was useless, (he was only interested in what the company I work for pays each year because that’d be big commission!!). I guess I need to be pointed toward an insurance company that will provide a 50 year old with health cover and allow me to pay an additional amount for a preexisting condition. Any advice would be extremely appreciated!

asked Dec 14, 2017 in Health
by website-user (7,010 points)

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Sorry to hear about the seizures and the insurance issue with it.

You can actually change your broker if you feel unhappy with their service (without having to change insurance companies). Shopping around for a more supportive provider can be helpful and your commission (which is recurring – so every year you stay with that broker, they keep getting it) can go to a more helpful one.

Are you sure the insurance was right to deny the claim? I’d double-check that – it’s possible that if the last incidence was several years before you signed up, this may not count as a pre-existing condition (depends on the wording of the insurance and their sign-up questionnaire). You can consider challenging them on that claim, either by going to the office of insurance commission (ask a Thai friend to help) or to a lawyer who specializes in it. While the disputed amount might not make that worth it, ongoing coverage might very well do.
Finding a provider with a serious pre-existing condition is probably not possible.

Since you went to BNH though, you can consider going to Chulalongkorn Hospital next time (which is nearby). Their treatment quality is pretty good and it’s a lot more affordable. While not as good as full insurance coverage, it does provide an option to secure affordable medical care.

answered Dec 14, 2017
by website-answer (38,870 points)
selected Dec 14, 2017 by website-user