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Health insurance for a 62-years old?

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I’ll be arriving in Bangkok this December and have a question or two for you. I’m a bit concerned about health care coverage in Bangkok and really haven’t discovered much. I’m 62 yoa and in good health, but seem to be cursed by the 60 yoa and over category! Any suggestions?

I’ll be seeking employment in Bangkok. I have two advanced degrees- one in Criminal Justice Administration and a MS in Education with course work completion in Secondary Social Studies. Where might you suggest I start my search?

asked Dec 14, 2017 in Health
by website-user (7,010 points)

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1 Answer

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You can find some options for age 60+ here:

For jobs, you can take a look at the options posted here: https://www.thailandstarterkit.com/work/work-in-thailand/

answered Dec 14, 2017
by website-answer (38,870 points)
selected Dec 14, 2017 by website-user